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Full Appraisals/Estimates

Quincy Collision & Frame Center is an auto body repair shop can provide estimates based upon your car appraisal of damages from your insurance company. You’re welcome to stop in during business hours for a free estimate. We will discuss the details of the quote so you better understand the value. You’ll leave with an estimate in hand and we’ll email a copy to you for your records. We’re often able to provide you with OEM factory parts at after-market prices because of our strong working relationships within the industry.

Full Auto Body Repair

Whether you have a minor ding or major collision damage, our professional technicians at QCFC will help get your car back to looking like new! We’ll also make sure your vehicle is mechanically sound after the collision by testing all aspects of your vehicle--engine, transmission, alignment,AC/Heat, ignition, fluids and more.

Frame Rust/Rust Repair
Frame Rust/Rust Repair

Quincy Collision & Frame Center is experienced in solving rust

problems on any vehicle. Whether it's on the frame of the car or

other parts of the body --- we have the solution for you.

Paintless Dent Repair
Paintless Dent Repair
Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair, also known as paintless dent removal, describes a method of removing minor dents from the body of a motor vehicle. A wide range of damage can be repaired using Paintless Dent Repair as long as the paint surface is intact. Paintless Dent Repair may be used on both aluminum and steel panels. QCFC---will discuss this in detail with you if you have any questions.

Collision Related Mechanical Repairs & Tire Services

We understand when a an accident occurs it means more than the exterior body gets damaged. We assess the entire car and it's functionality. More importantly, what do we need to do to get your car back to it's prior state? Our estimate will verify the things that we need to do to make it so. Yes, we are a auto body repair shop but you can count on us getting all parts in working order again.

Auto AC Services
Auto AC Services

The air conditioning unit in your vehicle operates similarly to a refrigerator. Your vehicle’s air conditioning unit is designed to move heat from the inside of your car to outside of it.

Your vehicle’s air conditioning unit has six major components:

*The refrigerant carries heat. In modern cars, refrigerant is a substance called R-134a. Older cars’ refrigerant is called r-12 freon, which is more expensive and difficult to find than R-134a.
*The compressor circulates and compresses refrigerant within the vehicle’s cooling system.
Your vehicle’s condenser changes the refrigerant from gas to liquid and expels heat from the car.
*The expansion valve (sometimes called the orifice tube) is a nozzle that simultaneously drops the pressure of the refrigerant liquid, meter its flow and atomize it.
*Your vehicle’s evaporator transfers heat to the refrigerant from the air blown across it, cooling your car.
*The receiver or dryer filters your vehicle’s refrigerant and oil, removing moisture and other contaminants from them
If any of these components is damaged, it can turn your cool car into a furnace during the summer months. Your vehicle’s air conditioning issue could be as simple as topping off refrigerant to replacing a valve. When your air conditioner isn't working bring your vehicle to Quincy Collision& Frame Center. One of our technicians will inspect your car’s air conditioner, all lines, the evaporator and the compressor for leaks and wear.

PPG Waterbase or Oil Paint Refinishing
PPG Waterbase or Oil Paint Refinishing

QCFC fully understands the value of a great paint job. We provide 2 different finishes waterbase of oil base finishes for our customers to select. More often, they prefer to select the same paint color and manufacturer their car. Whether the paint is damaged from an accident, fading, rock pitting, salt, chemical, hazing, dulling or weathering . . . Quincy Collision & Frame Center can provide the right refinishing solution for you.

Tinting or Ceramic Coating
Tinting or Ceramic Coating

Window film provides significant solar protection and it screens out heat, blocks out 99% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays and deflects harsh, uncomfortable glare while allowing glare-controlled sunlight to pass through. Safety and security film can be installed to provide protection against breakage due to violence, debris, or accidents.

Maintenance Services

There is no greater importance than Vehicle Maintenance. Why? Some of these important checks could cause an accident. Wiper replacements, battery charge check, regular change of oil, worn break pads, air filter changes, regular check on belts and spark plugs, tire wear---these are only a few that we do in our maintenance services. Let Quincy Collision & Frame Center maintain your car---and avoid a dangerous situation in the future.

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